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Mammography is done for two reasons:

  • As a screening test to check for Breast Cancer in women who do not have signs or symptoms of the disease.
  • As a diagnostic test to check lumps or other symptoms that you have found yourself or that have been found by an Obstetrician–Gynaecologist or other Health Workers.

There are two types of Mammograms.

  1. Digital Mammogram
  2. Sonomammogram

Digital Mammography

Digital mammography, also called Full-Field Digital Mammography (FFDM). Digital mammograms offer the highest-quality images, giving Radiologists a crisp, clear view of the breast and we have the first Digital Mammography unit in Kalyan.

How should you prepare for a Mammogram?

  1. Tell your doctor or the technician if you’re pregnant or think that you could be.
  2. Eat and take your medication as usual.
  3. Don’t use body powder, cream, deodorant, or lotion on your chest on the day of the test. They may interfere with the X-rays.


Sonomammogram is an Ultrasound of the Breast. No preparation required.

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