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Whole abdomen

Sonography preparation at least 4 hours fasting required.
Preparation : Drink plenty of water so urinary bladder is full..

Pelvis / KUB

NO fasting requires the urinary Bladder should be adequately full.

Gravid Uterus

No fasting requires Bladder should be full early pregnancy. No fasting required 2nd and 3rd Trimester.
The referring doctors Preparation with stamp and signature is compulsory.
Please carry old report for comparison.

Colour Doppler examination

NO preparation required.
Please carry old reports.
Preferably eat something before coming for sonography.

Renal Doppler

Examination of blood flow of kidney.
Overnight fasting required.

Liver Elastography

It is a noninvasive method for diagnosing fibrosis of life. It uses ultrasound to measures the stiffness of the libre and avoids libre biopsy.
It is a simple safe and efficient way to external live scanning.
Preparation: 6 hours fasting compulsory. It takes 10 min For the procedure and is very similar USG of abdomen.
Please carry old reports.

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